August 2021

Beamex PG pressure generators are now available for online purchase


August 17, 2021 – Beamex provides products and services for companies to streamline and digitalize their calibration process. Last year, Beamex opened its US webshop with spare parts and accessories for their line of calibrators.  Now, users can purchase Beamex PG pressure pumps. Beamex calibration pressure pumps can generate pressure and vacuum while calibrating pressure instruments.

The Beamex webshop acts as a useful resource to better understand the range of spare parts and accessories available. Users can also confirm component compatibility, view instruction manuals, a pressure fittings guide, and utilize the comprehensive search functions of the site.

The webshop can be browsed via a smartphone, tablet or desktop interface without the need to create an account. Once an account is created and your purchase is confirmed your goods are fast-tracked for shipment and arrive to you quickly.

Beamex pressure pumps and generators now available for online purchase:

  • PGV Vacuum hand pump: Pressure generator for vacuum – 0 to – 13.7 psi
  • PGM Pressure pump: Pressure generator for medium pressure – 0 to 300 psi
  • PGC Pressure/vacuum pump: Pressure/vacuum generator -13.7 to 510 psi
  • PGPH High-Pressure Pneumatic pump: Pneumatic pressure generator for high pressure –13.7 to 2,000 psi
  • PGHH Pressure Generator: Hydraulic pressure generator for high pressure – 0 to 10,000 psi
  • PGL Pressure Generator: Pressure generator for low pressure –160 to 160 iwc


In addition to hand pumps and pressure generators, shoppers can also purchase kits containing all the necessary parts and accessories for each pump, as well as carrying cases designed for convenient storage and ease of transport.

Beamex spare parts and accessories will continue to be sold through existing Beamex sales channels around the world providing customers with local support and expertise when needed.

Visit the Beamex webshop at to purchase Beamex products and accessories.   

To learn more about the products and solutions Beamex provides to help customers streamline and digitalize their calibration process, visit

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