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Beamex Integrated Calibration Solution

The Beamex Integrated Calibration Solution

The Beamex Integrated Calibration Solution is the combination of software, hardware and calibration expertise that delivers an automated and paperless flow of calibration data. The process begins when a work-order is created in your maintenance management system and is automatically sent to the calibration software to select the associated calibration procedures. Then, the device information and calibration procedures are sent to a documenting calibrator or tablet and the calibration work is performed. Next, the device automatically documents the results. Finally, the results are transferred back to the calibration software for storage, and the work order is digitally closed in your maintenance management system. When upgrading from a traditional calibration system to integrated, you automate the calibration process and eliminate all error-prone manual steps. Upgrading typically decreases the time spent on the entire calibration process by 50%, while improving the quality of calibration records and ensuring quick and easy retrieval for audits.

Customer Experiences

By removing all the manual steps in the workflow, and eliminating all the paper from the dataflow, the plant has realized a documented time savings from 70%, even up to 75% in some cases, on calibrating pressure transmitters and pressure switches.

Faran Rolingson, Senior Control Engineer, Alabama Power

The most significant impact overall is that Salt River Project has been able to save about 30 minutes per calibration using an automated approach.

Calibration tasks that would normally take a month to two months to complete during a unit overhaul, could be performed in a few weeks, and time is money.

Jody Damron, Business Analyst, Salt River Project
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Make your processes more efficient

Traditional, paper-based calibration processes require 7 steps from start to finish–leaving a lot of opportunity for error.

The Beamex integrated calibration solution cuts the steps required to perform and document calibrations down to only 4.

This capability saves time and maximizes efficiency, without sacrificing quality.

The most integrated, automated calibration system available

Beamex solution is not just a product or even a set of products and services – it is a process of performing and managing calibrations in a way that provides efficiency and quality improvements as well as cost-savings.

The solution includes Beamex’s Business Bridge Connector – which provides a communication link between the CMX calibration software and maintenance management systems. Calibration work processes can be streamlined and typically eliminate 50% of time spent on the end-to-end calibration process.

Beamex Logical calibration software

Hassle-free documentation and work order management

Our calibration software, CMX, integrates directly into the computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). Detailed calibration data and traceable calibration records are stored in CMX, while plant hierarchy and instruments are created and maintained in the CMMS. When calibration work has been performed, work order acknowledgements can be automatically sent to the CMMS.

This standardized, but configurable software solution keeps the CMMS informed of work completed, while CMX provides a database to store vital instrument information that is necessary for quality control and audits, thus equipping organizations with the best in class Asset Management and Calibration Management solution. Beamex offers a project approach with professional services for the execution of system integration projects.

Typical results

Days to Hours

Post-calibration is typically very time consuming because results have to be documented. When it is done manually, by writing down them down with pen and paper, it occupies valuable resources and many man hours. With Beamex integrated calibration solutions, calibrations that would take all day are now performed and documented in a couple of hours.

Save 30 minutes per calibration

With an integrated solution that includes integration into a CMMS, a significant return on investment during the first unit overhaul. It’s unusual, since ROI on software projects is usually nonexistent at first.

50% efficiency improvement

Beamex does not cover just the equipment, but provides software to complement the instruments. The software is very robust, reliable with great features, which are easy to use.

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