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The Local Beamex Calibration Lab

Our calibration laboratory is located in Marietta, GA. We provide NIST traceable calibrations and repair. When you choose Beamex as your service provider, you receive the benefits of an experienced metrology staff plus seasoned technicians who can apply deep-rooted Beamex specific product knowledge. The result?

Services guaranteed to be of the highest quality in the industry.

Beamex MB metrology temperature calibration block

Beamex’s accredited calibration facility at headquarters in Finland

Beamex’s own accredited, ISO 9001 (since 1992) and ISO 17025 (since 1993) certified, state-of-the-art calibration facility in Finland provides recalibration services for a wide range of calibration products and different measurement signals. 

The ISO 17025 certified calibration certificate contains valuable information about each individual calibrator, such as its measuring results, expanded uncertainty, deviation, specifications and assessment of compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

Beamex calibration laboratory using triple point of water

Packaging Instructions

Go to the Beamex Lab Service Portal and enter the information about the units that you wish to return.

Remove all fluids  and clean off any contaminants before shipping. If the device still might have residue, this must be stated on the Service Order.

For standard recalibration service, remove all unnecessary accessories (connectors, tools etc.) to prevent damage in transport and to reduce CO2 emissions / transportation cost.

In the case of repair, include tubing sets, communication cables and charger with the device. In this way, Beamex Service can perform thorough and systematic testing for the calibration system as whole (leak testing, communication problems etc.).

To prevent damages in transport, please pack the device in an appropriate rigid carton with suitable filling for cushioning.

Several devices can be sent together in one box if they are appropriately protected against damage during transportation.

Read a white paper on how often calibrators should be calibrated
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