What is the Care Plan?

Beamex Care Plan and Calibration Laboratory


When I purchased the Beamex Care Plan, I never dreamed I’d actually ever use it for other than re-certification of our calibrators. After all, I’ve used Beamex calibrators for 20 years and it’s all I’ve ever had to do to them. But sooner or later accidents do happen, and I was never more glad that I had the plan.

Peter Langlais, IC&E Technician, Rhodes Technologies

We accidentally dropped one of our Beamex calibrators from a high place and it got seriously damaged. The service would have been really expensive, but fortunately we had a valid Care Plan and all the service costs were covered by the Care Plan. We’ll certainly make sure to keep the Care Plan valid for our Beamex calibrators also in the future.

Electricity and Automation Maintenance, Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy, Finland (Electricity Utility of City of Tampere)
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Beamex Calibration Lab

Our calibration laboratory is located in Marietta, GA. We provide NIST traceable calibrations and repair. When you choose Beamex as your service provider, you receive the benefits of an experienced metrology staff plus seasoned technicians who can apply deep-rooted Beamex specific product knowledge. The result?

Services guaranteed to be of the highest quality in the industry.

Beamex calibration laboratory using triple point of water
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