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Test accuracy ratio (TAR)

Beamex / Dictionary / Calibration / Test accuracy ratio (TAR)

(1) In a calibration procedure, the test accuracy ratio (TAR) is the ratio of the accuracy tolerance of the unit under calibration to the accuracy tolerance of the calibration standard used. (NCSL, page 2)
TAR = UUT_tolerance / STD_tolerance
The TAR must be calculated using identical parameters and units for the UUC and the calibration standard. If the accuracy tolerances are expressed as decibels, percentage, or another ratio, they must be converted to absolute values of the basic measurement units. (2) In the normal use of IM&TE items, the TAR is the ratio of the tolerance of the parameter being measured to the accuracy tolerance of the IM&TE. Note: TAR may also be referred to as the accuracy ratio or (incorrectly) the uncertainty ratio.