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Beamex CENTRiCAL calibration bench

Calibration procedure

Beamex / Dictionary / Calibration / Calibration procedure

A calibration procedure is a controlled document that provides a validated method for evaluating and verifying the essential performance characteristics, specifications, or tolerances for a model of measuring or testing equipment. A calibration procedure documents one method of verifying the actual performance of the item being calibrated against its performance specifications. It provides a list of recommended
calibration standards to use for the calibration; a means to record quantitative performance data both before and after adjustments; and information sufficient to determine if the unit being calibrated is operating within the necessary performance specifications.

A calibration procedure always starts with the assumption that the unit under test is in good working order and only needs to have its performance verified.

Note: A calibration procedure does not include any maintenance or repair actions.

Calibration procedures can be managed in calibration management software, such as Beamex LOGiCAL or Beamex CMX.