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Beamex customer case story

Mantención y Control Industrial SpA, Chile

Complete and high-quality service to the customers of MCI

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MCI is a Maintenance and Calibration service company, attending to the principal companies into the Pulp & Paper, Power & Energy and recently, Metals & Mining sectors, in all the Chilean geography, from North to South of the country. The company develops its tasks in the Technical Logistic Department into the Technician Unit. MCI’s mission is to meet the needs of customers while maintaining high standards of service, always seeking innovation, always taking care of the balance with the environment, valuing the development of human resources as a primary factor of success and strengthening the development of its employees

We chose Beamex MC6 For its high performance, accuracy, portability, ruggedness to the field, as well as its multi range capacity due to multifunctional features. The main benefits of using Beamex products are versatility, autonomy and multifunctional capability.

Pablo Coronado, General Manager at the MCI

Need for multifunction calibrators

MCI calibrates multi-brand transmitters for pressure, flow, level and temperature as well as switches, indicators and valves, among others. Calibration is organized mainly so that they follow the planification of customers, which in most of the cases is within the maintenance framework agreement. Based on technical scope of the bid, they define the specific necessity of their customers. Calibrators that are used by MCI need to adhere to specific requirements. These requirements are speed, versatility, accuracy, portability, autonomy and ruggedness to the heavy field duty service to fulfill their commitments.

Quality most important

Part of the MCI strategy is to always seek the latest innovations and offer complete and high-quality service to their customers. MCI believes that quality is one of the most important things to reach success. Their business strategy highlights the significance of their operational functions including calibration. “It is significant to our company to certify the calibrations in their real environment. Calibration of the plant’s process instrumentation is an important maintenance activity. We commit to verify the correct operation of our customers’ control loops, to ensure the best performance of the whole control system, improving the production process to guarantee safe and reliable process measures”, says Pablo Coronado about their main objectives.

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Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator

The best way to calibrate

The exact benefits that MCI have been achieving using Beamex calibrators are closely related to their field of business. The implementation of the Beamex calibrators have enabled MCI to fulfil their clients’ expectations and perform a number of calibrations in a timely and efficient manner. From MCI’s point of view, another benefit is the provision of multifunctional equipment and the improvements made to their calibration process. “It is the best way to calibrate.” Pablo says.

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