We accidentally dropped one of our Beamex calibrators from a high place and it got seriously damaged. The service would have been really expensive, but fortunately we had a valid Care Plan and all the service costs were covered by the Care Plan. We’ll certainly make sure to keep the Care Plan valid for our Beamex calibrators also in the future.

Electricity and Automation Maintenance, Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy, Finland (Electricity Utility of City of Tampere)
Read a white paper on how often calibrators should be calibrated

Beamex’s accredited calibration facility

Beamex’s own accredited, ISO 9001 (since 1992) and ISO 17025 (since 1993) certified, state-of-the-art calibration facility in Finland provides recalibration services for a wide range of calibration products and different measurement signals. 

The ISO 17025 certified calibration certificate contains valuable information about each individual calibrator, such as its measuring results, expanded uncertainty, deviation, specifications and assessment of compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

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