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Digitalization creates new opportunities, but also brings with it new challenges

Challenges within the chemical industry

The chemical industry faces different challenges. Its more traditional orientation makes it difficult to implement smart and digital ways of working. At the same time, digitalization is gaining momentum and is now starting to impact the chemical industry.
This is placing new demands on how calibrations are carried out. Calibration processes must become paperless and, optimally, completely digitalized and automated. Companies have to work more and more efficiently due to increased workload and limited personnel. This is accompanied by an increasing emphasis on sustainability, which means that companies have to adapt their processes accordingly. Last but not least, the safety of personnel, plants and data must be continuously ensured through rule-compliant and safe calibration processes.

How Beamex can help

Beamex is committed to helping customers across a wide range of industries to implement better calibration methods - including our customers in the chemical industry. We have brought high quality technologies to market to meet these challenges.
With our technologies, you can digitize and fully automate your processes piece by piece. The combination of intelligent calibrators and calibration management software, as well as the integration of this into existing systems, enables a holistically automated, digitalized and rule-compliant management of calibration data. The optimized and equally shortened processes save time and reduce the workload. The intelligent calibrators lead to timesaving as well as safe execution of calibrations.
In a holistic way, the use of Beamex solutions leads to an optimized, automated calibration process that improves quality, plant productivity, safety and efficiency.

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Program 15. June 2021


9:00 - 9:30 CET | by John Healy & Andy Morsman

Calibration challenges, meet Beamex’s Integrated Calibration Solutions

In this panel we will discuss some of the challenges facing Chemical companies particularly around the acquisition and storage of calibration data for regulatory purposes. We will also cover how Beamex’s fully automated, Integrated Calibration Solution can help to optimize your plant data for a more efficient calibration process.


11:30 - 12:15 CET | by Ian Murphy & Andy Morsman

Sensor to Certificate

In this workshop we will show how to streamline the calibration process, from initial commissioning of devices, performing a live calibration and then looking at how the sensor can be trimmed into specification, generating reports and certificates to meet regulatory requirements. We will discuss how ‘going paperless’ can save up to 50% of the time it takes to perform these tasks.

Program 16. June 2021


10:15 - 10:30 CET | by Chuck Boyd & Sami Koskinen

Calibration Process Digitalization - Driven by Data and Enabled by Technology

We will present how Beamex is helping our customers figure out how to successfully navigate through the rapid adoption of technology, how to use digital enablement of instrument calibration processes as part of their digital transformation. Successful companies are reinventing processes, challenging everything related to an existing process and rebuilding it using cutting-edge digital technology.


16:00 - 16:45 CET | by Ian Murphy & Andy Morsman

ATEX Inspections, from tablet to cloud

In this workshop we will perform a temperature calibration, showing the reporting of information back to, and generating a certificate via a cloud based calibration management system. We will also discuss the use of Beamex’s bMobile App, tablet technology used for collecting regulatory data such as ATEX & DSEAR Inspections.

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