Utilizing Beamex CMX calibration software, you can generate a paperless calibration documentation and reduce the risk of errors in your documentation.
Never put pen to paper or type in calibration results.

Automatically receive work orders from your maintenance management software.

Send device information and calibration procedures to a documenting calibrator or tablet.

Perform calibration and automatically document the results using a documenting calibrator or tablet.

Securely transfer the results back to the calibration software for storage and close your work order.
The Beamex MC6 with CMX software provides a simple and transparent calibration management solution. It helps us manage our data and we feel very confident providing it to regulators. Our ultimate vision is to integrate CMX into our CMMS, to automate work order close out, further streamlining our processes.Traditional, paper-based calibration processes require 7 steps from start to finish–typically a very time consuming process.

The paperless Beamex integrated calibration solution cuts the steps required to perform and document calibrations down to only 4.

This capability saves time and maximizes efficiency, without sacrificing quality.

Make better decisions with calibration software

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Customer Experiences

Everyone is impressed with the time that can be saved in the field by setting up the calibration procedure in the software and then executing in the field with the calibrator. It is always a good thing to be ready for a visit from an inspector. The software generates nice calibration certificates which can be configured to display what you need.

Wade Hanchey, CT Technician, Duke Energy

CMX calibration software has greatly enhanced our record keeping for ISO instruments. We went from paper reports filled out by hand with ink pens. Our ISO Auditor was impressed with our improvement. CMX makes it easy for all of our technicians to have perfect paperwork every time.

Matthew Edwards, Maintenance Quality Facilitator, Chemours

Save time

Traditional, paper-based calibration processes require many steps from start to finish–typically a very time-consuming process.

Using calibration software combined with smart calibrators typically cuts the steps required to perform and document calibrations in half.

This solution saves time and maximizes efficiency, without sacrificing quality.

Analyze results and make process improvements

When you use a calibration software, it saves data entry time, minimizes the risk of errors and securely stores your data. The software gives you the ability to analyze calibration results and determine optimal calibration intervals. Digital records provide a path for post-calibration data analytics that would be practically impossible with paper records. In Beamex’s CMX calibration software, the history trend function makes analysis easy.

Analyzing your data gives you the information you need to make smart decisions and set the best calibration intervals.

Beamex CMX calibration software - history trend

Be compliant

Industry regulations, internal standards of excellence and insurance requirements may require documented proof of calibration. Calibration certificates can automatically be generated from your calibration results and formatted to display relevant information you need to be compliant.

Calibration software allows you to easily store and quickly access data.

Minimize the risk of errors and secure data integrity

When using a traditional paper based or manual entry data storage system, the integrity of the data is not always reliable. There are many opportunities for errors including transcribing mistakes, typos, misinterpretation, legibility issues and more. Sometimes users may inappropriately modify the results data due to work pressures or a lack of time or resources.

With calibration software, the possibility of manual entry mishaps are eliminated and user rights can be controlled.

Beamex CMX calibration software
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