Pricing & how to buy

LOGiCAL pricing is divided into two parts:

  • LOGiCAL Access and
  • LOGiCAL Credits.

These are described in detail in the below sections.

LOGiCAL Access and Credits can be bought online at any time, by going to the online shop from inside LOGiCAL. Alternatively, you can request a quote from Beamex.

LOGiCAL Access

Logical Access is a subscription that gives you access to your Logical database to:

  • Access previous calibration results.
  • Generate calibration certificates.
  • Manage, delegate and synchronize calibration work tasks to your Beamex calibrator or the bMobile app on your phone/tablet.
  • Create and manage instruments.
  • Create and manage references.
  • The Logical Access subscription is valid for one account (organization ID), which can have multiple users.
  • Logical Access does NOT include Logical Credits, which are needed for uploading calibration results from mobile devices.

LOGiCAL Credits

LOGiCAL Credits are pre-purchased credits, which are used to upload results to the LOGiCAL database. This way the costs for LOGiCAL will scale based on how many results you upload.

  • Uploading one calibration result spends one LOGiCAL credit.
  • You can buy more LOGiCAL Credits at any time, just make sure you have enough to upload all your calibration results!
  • LOGiCAL Credits do NOT enable any of the features that are unlocked with LOGiCAL Access.
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