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Beamex CENTRiCAL calibration bench

Reported value

One or more numerical results of a calibration process, with the associated measurement uncertainty, as recorded on a calibration report or certificate. The specific type and format vary according to the type of measurement being made. In general, most reported values will be in one of these formats:
• Measurement result and uncertainty. The reported value is usually the mean of a number of repeat measurements. The uncertainty is usually expanded uncertainty as defined in the GUM.
• Deviation from the nominal (or reference) value and uncertainty. The reported value is the difference between the nominal value and the mean of a number of repeat measurements. The uncertainty of the deviation is usually expanded uncertainty as defined in the GUM.
• Estimated systematic error and uncertainty. The value may be reported this way when it is known that the instrument is part of a measuring system and the systematic error will be used to calculate a correction that will apply to the measurement system results.

Calibration uncertainty