More configuration possibilities

Beamex EXT external pressure modules will increase your configuration possibilities and add flexibility, making it possible to calibrate even more pressure ranges with the same calibrator. We offer a wide range of external pressure modules, from vacuum to 1,000 bar (14,500 psi). These external pressure modules are also compatible and interchangeable with the Beamex MC family of calibrators, such as the Beamex MC6.

Beamex process calibrators in use

Available EXT module series

  • EXT: external pressure module, high accuracy
  • EXT-IS: external pressure module, high accuracy, intrinsically safe
  • EXT-s: external pressure module, standard accuracy

View the detailed specifications in the brochure.

Beamex EXT external pressure module in use
Learn how to set-up a Beamex EXT module and a Beamex PGXH Hand Pump
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