BEAMEX company video – A better way to calibrate


Jan-Henrik Svensson, CEO Beamex: This is where it all started. In 1975 Beamex launched this V/A calibrator. And amazingly enough, some of these come back for re-calibration still today.

Antonio Matamala, Country Manager Beamex Germany: Beamex provides small and large organizations with easily configurable, scalable, and modular solutions that will help them with the digital transformation of their calibration processes.

Dirk Kuiper, AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd, Beamex partner in Australia: Customers find the usage of the Beamex hardware and software are a lot easier to use and also a lot faster.

Jan-Henrik Svensson, CEO Beamex: With Beamex offices and channels around the world, we can provide Beamex customers with a unique experience.

Fredrik Wikström, Director of the Beamex board and owner: We want to be where our customers are.

Jan-Henrik Svensson, CEO Beamex: It’s easy to do business with Beamex, this is what we call Beamex-green.

Krister Knuts, One of the founders of Beamex: The year was 1975, myself and three other colleagues at the local pulp and paper factory faced challenges in our calibration work. At Beamex, we wanted to do things differently. We wanted to create a better way to complete calibrations.

Katie Turner, Marketing Manager Beamex USA: We automate calibration through digitalization. With Beamex solutions, you can perform calibrations in the field or in a workshop, online, or offline. Traceable data can easily be stored, accessed, and quickly analyzed.

Dirk Kuiper, AMS Instrumentation & Calibration Pty Ltd, Beamex partner in Australia: We like Beamex. We’ve been with Beamex since the beginning, since the late seventies. We’ve been supplying Beamex calibration equipment to all process industries across the board and have been very successful.

Jan-Henrik Svensson, CEO Beamex: Since the beginning, it’s always been about people – people first. We team up with our customers and, together we have a common goal – A Better Way to Calibrate.

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