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Beamex FB temperature block

Beamex FB

Field Temperature Block

Temperature block for industrial use

Beamex FB field temperature calibration dry block

Lightweight, portable

The Beamex FB field temperature block is ideal for industrial field use. It only weighs about 8 kg, and it is small enough to carry around.


The Beamex FB is extremely quick to reach various temperatures. It cools down to –25 °C (-13 °F) in 15 minutes and heats up to +660 °C (1220 °F) in 15 minutes. This saves time and increases productivity.

Accuracy and performance

The Beamex FB is an easily portable unit that also provides excellent calibration accuracy. The display accuracy is up to ±0.2 °C and its control technology provides great stability up to ±0.01 °C. The dual zone-controlled block provides excellent axial uniformity up to ±0.04 °C and radial uniformity up to ±0.01 °C.

Smart reference sensors

The Beamex FB has an internal reference thermometer (in R models), which enables connections to the Beamex smart reference sensors. These sensors have a memory that contains all of the sensor correction data. This enables plug-and-play use of the reference sensor.

Accredited calibration

Each Beamex FB field temperature block is delivered with an accredited calibration certificate.


The large LCD display, function keys and multilingual, menu-based user interface make the Beamex FB easy to use. A graphic and audible stability indicator let you know when a block is stable. The HOT warning light indicates when the block is hot (over +50 °C). It blinks as long as the block is too hot to touch, even when the unit is switched off or when the mains cable is disconnected.

Communication with Beamex calibrators

The communication port enables communication with selected Beamex MC calibrators for automatic calibration and documentation. Combined with a Beamex MC6 calibrator, loop calibrations are possible with conventional, HART and Fieldbus temperature transmitters with sensors.

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Beamex MC6 calibrator, FB temperature block and CMX calibration software

Temperature block for industrial field use

The FB field temperature dry block is designed for industrial field use. It is small and easy enough to carry around, provides fast calibration and also offers excellent accuracy.

Combine it with a Beamex MC6 calibrator and calibration management software to enable fully digital calibration data flow.

Available models

The R models include an internal reference thermometer with a connection for an external reference sensor.

FB150 / FB150R−25 °C … +150 °C (−13 °F … +302 °F)
FB350 / FB350R+33 °C … +350 °C (+91.4 °F … +662 °F)
FB660 / FB660R+50 °C … +660 °C (+122 °F … +1220 °F)

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