What we do

Our business is calibration.

Since technology continues to rapidly progress, companies need to be more efficient with less resources. At the same time, new regulations put constant pressure on manufacturing operations to maintain a high level of plant safety and product quality. With these in mind, we are here to help our customers to find a better way.

Beamex MC6 advanced process calibrator

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What makes us different

We exist to provide a better way to calibrate. That was our founding principle and it still guides everything we do. Originally, the “better way” related to developing calibrators that better serve users’ needs.


Since the beginning, it has grown into many other things, such as a better way to generate pressure, a better way to calibrate temperature or pressure, a better way to manage calibration data and even a better way to implement calibration process changes.


Whether we develop calibrators, calibration software, calibration test benches or services, we still continue our quest to provide better ways for our customers to perform and manage calibrations.


To find out more about better ways to calibrate, please read our tips.

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What we have built


The year when Beamex was established by instrument technicians Eero, Krister, Veijo and Nils-Erik out of frustration to the then existing process calibrators. “Let’s develop calibrators that better serve users’ needs,” they thought. So the idea of “a better way to calibrate” was born.


These days, more than 12,000 companies in 139 countries are using Beamex products to calibrate process instruments and manage calibrations.


Our largest global software customer uses Beamex calibration software in 175 different sites in 24 countries.


In the last three years, we have been involved in 50+ calibration system implementation projects. So we don’t just provide the tools for calibration, we help companies to evaluate their current calibration processes and assist them in implementing new ones.


96 % of our customers would recommend Beamex to a colleague.

Where we are going

Our focus is to use technical insight to develop products and services that improve our customers’ calibration processes. Whether it is the user experience from a single product or the way that all our products and services interrelate to each other and other systems, it’s all about providing a better process for performing and managing calibrations.

Engineers carrying Beamex calibrators

Success stories about a better way to calibrate


Reduction in time required for performing temperature calibrations.

Cornell University, USA

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1 year

Payback time for the investment into Beamex calibration system.

Silkeborg Varme, Denmark

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30 Min

Reduction of time required to perform a calibration.

Salt River Project, USA

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50 %

Efficiency improvement for performing calibration procedures.

Miami-Dade WASD, USA

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What customers say about us

“Before the investment in Beamex solutions, we had discussed hiring another I&C tech. A short time ago, I asked my boss if we were still planning to hire more help. He said, we already did; we bought the MC6. All joking aside, he is right— what used to take three or four of us to do in the past, can be done by one, maybe two of us now. Just the Beamex MC6 alone, is like having another technician on staff.”

Kristopher Welfel, Senior Instrument and Control Technician, USA

“With the Beamex solution, we have complete flexibility, so we can perform many calibrations in between other daily tasks. This flexibility is important in a busy workplace where more urgent tasks often arise and need to be prioritized.”

Anders Ole Jensen, Engineer and Instrument Technician, Denmark

“With this (calibration and maintenance management system) software integration project, we were able to realize a significant return on investment during the first unit overhaul. It’s unusual, since ROI on software projects is usually nonexistent at first.”

Jody Damron, Business Analyst, Committee Chairman at the International Society of Automation (ISA), USA

“Utilizing the Beamex set up successfully helped to halve the amount of time taken to complete outage calibrations, therefore enabling us to comply with the company standards without increasing labor costs.”

Trevor Wolfe, EC&I Engineer, UK


At Beamex we believe that small teams and individuals can make a big impact. That’s why we put people first and aim for a culture that encourages people to create new ideas, try, fail, and eventually succeed. We believe that motivation and a culture of innovation is key to both employee satisfaction and business success.


ISO 9001

Our Quality System has been continuously ISO 9001-certified since 11th May 1992.

ISO 17025

Our Calibration Laboratory has been continuously FINAS-accredited since 19th December 1993 according to ISO/IEC 17025.

Compliance with ATEX / IECEx

Our Intrinsically Safe Calibrators are certified in accordance with the ATEX Directive and IECEx scheme.

ISO 14001

Our Environmental Management System is certified according to ISO 14001:2015 .

ISO 45001

We comply with the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard.

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