The Beamex MC2 is a compact-sized and easy-to-use hand-held documenting process calibrator. It has a large graphical display, a menu-based interface, and a full numerical keyboard. 

Since the firmware 3.20 release in March 2019, the Beamex MC2 is now a documenting calibrator. This means that it can save calibration results in its memory and communicates with Beamex LOGiCAL and Beamex CMX calibration software.

Using a documenting calibrator, there is no need for error-prone manual entry of calibration results at any step of the calibration process. This saves you time and money and improves the quality of calibration results.

Download the free of cost upgrade for your Beamex MC2 on

If you have a Beamex MC2-TE or Beamex MC2-MF model with serial number greater than 13000, you can now make it a documenting calibrator with the free of charge firmware update v3.20!

Please note: Beamex MC2-PE and Beamex MC2-IS models are not upgradeable.

With the upgrade, you can start using your Beamex MC2 with the Beamex LOGiCAL or Beamex CMX calibration software!

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