Beamex ePG Electric Pressure Pump

In this video we will show you how you can use Beamex ePG, electric pressure pump with any pressure calibrator to calibrate a pressure transmitter.

In order to calibrate a pressure transmitter you obviously need to generate the input pressure. While working out in the field you often use a manual hand pump. But ePG can replace your hand pump and you can generate the pressure with a push of a button. Also, you obviously need a pressure calibrator in order to calibrate the transmitter.

In this video we use the Beamex MC6, but you can use any calibrator you may already have, even a non-Beamex one. The calibrator has to be able to measure pressure accurately and also to measure the milliamps and provide loop supply for the transmitter. But if you already have a Beamex MC6 family calibrator you can do this fully automatically.

You can use the ePG with any pressure calibrator, even with the non-Beamex ones. For more information on Beamex products, please check our website

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