What are the basics of calibrating a multivariable transmitter?

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Multivariable transmitters were extremely costly and difficult to calibrate previously. Now, it is easy with the capability to make all the required measurements using the multifunctionality of the MC6.

Ron Cash, Senior Technician
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Easy calibration

Traditionally, multivariable transmitters, like DP flowmeters were shipped to a flow laboratory, which was time consuming and expensive.

Advanced technology allows you to calibrate multivariable transmitters like DP flowmeters without removing them from the field.

Less risk

Traditional transmitters only made one measurement. With more advanced technology, multivariable transmitters allow you to make several measurements with one device lowering risks of pipe penetration.

Calibrating a multivariable with a single device lowers risk and cost too.


Most plants don’t have a flow calibration facility.

Calibrating these devices in the field saves time and money while maintaining plant safety.

Multivariable transmitter
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