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The calibration wasn’t hard, it was just all the equipment we had to carry. The all-in-one functionality of the MC6 allows us to carry less equipment into the field—and requires less personnel to perform calibrations.

Kris, Senior I&C Technician, Central Energy Plant
A multifunction, documenting calibrator helps you go paperless too

Many-in-One reduces the hassle

Maintaining critical instrumentation in a processing plant is demanding since there are many tasks that need to be performed, such as instrument configuration through communication, testing, data logging and many types of pressure, temperature and electrical calibrations—which need to be documented.

Carrying one piece of equipment saves time, lowers equipment life cycle costs and prevents accidents.



Improve safety for the mobile worker

In today’s fast pace environment, technicians and engineers performing calibrations need the ability to move quickly to complete their routes in a timely manner without compromising safety. One way to keep people safe and efficient is to use multifunction calibrators to perform calibrations. when traversing to hard to reach instrumentation, being “hands-free” with a multifunction calibrator can lower the risk of an on the job accident.

You carry less, so you have more freedom to move swiftly and safely on your maintenance route.

Lower equipment maintenance costs

Just as process instruments need to be maintained, the equipment you use to calibrate them does too. Using a multifunction calibrator can eliminate maintenance costs on multiple pieces of equipment, which lowers overall lifecycle costs.

The less equipment you are required to maintain and train others to use, decreases costs.

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