Accurate industrial temperature probe

The Beamex IPRT-300 is a robust industrial general-purpose temperature probe. It can be used up to +572°F.

The IPRT-300 provides a good accuracy of ±0.07 °F when used with the provided ITS-90 or CvD (Callendar Van Dusen) coefficients. The probe is a standard IEC60751 Pt100 (385) probe, so it can also be used without CvD coefficients.


Easy to use

The IPRT-300 is provided with a lemo connector, so it can be plugged into the Beamex MC6 family of calibrators and Beamex dry blocks to function as a certified, portable thermometer for multiple purposes (calibration, spot testing, datalogging, etc.).

With an adapter cable it can be used with any device with four banana connectors.



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