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Beamex LOGiCAL is an advanced, free of charge, cloud-based calibration certificate generation software. It offers you an affordable and easy way to document your calibration results.

LOGiCAL reads the calibration results from selected Beamex documenting calibrators and presents the results on an electronic calibration certificate in PDF format. Calibration needs to be documented in calibration certificate. You can make certificate using pen or paper, or go paperless.

Going paperless saves you time, money and typing errors. With paperless, you have two options – stand-alone software, or a cloud based. Why would you use cloud based calibration software?

• More cost effective, smaller start costs

• Less IT involvement

• Flexible to scale up/down

• Reduced support and hardware needs

• Access from anywhere you have Internet

Make a calibration using a Beamex documenting calibrators, like the MC4 or the MC6 family of calibrators, then store the results into the calibrator’s memory. Next, upload the calibration results from your calibrator’s memory into LOGiCAL, which will convert the results into a PDF calibration certificate that you can save or print. Simple and logical!

The communication between the LOGiCAL cloud and the calibrators is realized with a web service technology, so the calibration certificate can be generated with any device connected to the internet and a web browser, as long as the calibrator is connected to the computer and running LOGiCAL. It is compatible with most browsers, such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. If you have a supported Beamex documenting calibrator, you can start using LOGiCAL immediately for free by going to the LOGiCAL page and registering. Go to and start using LOGiCAL right now. LOGiCAL page’s Help-section includes detailed instructions on how to start using LOGiCAL.


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