We are truly multinational and multicultural yet joined together with one aim – providing a better way to calibrate. We are one Beamex.

Whinney Thomas: Technical Support Specialist

Whinney Thomas

My entire working career so far is based out of Middle East and Africa. I came to the UAE in 2008 to work as a Sales Engineer for Test, Measurement and Calibration products. Meeting people from various regions and cultures, and from different industries and understanding their applications and offering the right solution to them is where I find satisfaction in. I had a passion for Calibration right from the beginning, and I have had the opportunity to work along with some key people in the world of calibration from different brands. I am still learning about calibration as a subject.


How did you end up working with Beamex?

I first heard about Beamex in 2009 and it was my competitor at the time. Beamex used to be a topic among us as a respectable competitor, which increased my curiosity. After a few years, in 2015 I was introduced to Juha and Mark by our partner in Bahrain, who also represented Beamex. I met them during the ISA conference in Abu Dhabi and then later in 2018, I was hired by Beamex to their Middle East and Africa team.


What is the best thing about working here?

During the interview, Juha told me that Beamex is a family. The closeness with the HQ team in Finland and the frequent interaction with other team members from across the globe gives me the confidence and the feeling of being a part of the family – One Beamex. Beamex also gives the opportunity for its employees to grow along with their colleagues and with the company.

The work culture is great in Beamex and I also like the company values. I am very glad to have great colleagues here in our IMEA team who supports me. Beamex values personal family time and I should say that I am able to spend quality time with my family alongside my work.

When I joined Beamex, I was surprised about the level of support the company gives to its employees and customers. The level of support at Beamex is above than what other multinational companies provide. I am very glad that we are still the same despite the growth.


Why would you recommend Beamex?

Beamex has the right mix of recipe. We are among the best field calibration solution providers in the world. You have a great team with product knowledge, marketing specialists and a very efficient order processing and logistics team to support you. Our R&D team is busy researching on new technologies and improving existing products.

I will recommend Beamex to anyone who has a passion for calibration and grow with a vibrant organization. We are truly multinational and multicultural yet joined together with one aim – providing a better way to calibrate. We are one Beamex.


How has your career been at Beamex?

When I joined in 2018, I was tasked with managing the business and partners in 5 countries in the GCC – UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait. In 2020, the management gave me the additional task to share the responsibility to develop the business and the partners for Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Jordan as well. At the same time, I am involved in supporting the team for Africa as and when it is required.

I work closely with 17 partners for different projects from different industries in Middle East and Africa. It is also great to be involved in the new Partner Program 2.0 project where I work with colleagues from the HQ and other Beamex subsidiaries. In this project, we are trying to define the criteria and skills that our partner levels should be based upon and align them according to the Beamex strategy. This will enable us to support our partners and customers more efficiently.

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