I have enjoyed my time at Beamex, otherwise I would obviously have not stayed here so long – next year is my 25th year at Beamex!

Anders Nyman: Manager, Calibration and Repair Service

Anders Nyman

I have a forest technician education, but during the depression in 1990s, there was no work available for a forest technician. Later, I moved to Helsinki and I studied computer science and after that I was hired to Beamex in production automation team. Shortly after I started at Beamex, I was responsible for the entire team. I was responsible for the processes and project in the team without supervisor responsibility. After a few years the production automation team was moved to the R&D department. After eight years I started at professional service team, which is the CSG team today. My work tasks included help desk, educations, validations, installations and customer education. During that time, I travelled a lot due to the job and I was away from home. At that time, I was asked if I was interested in Product Manager position and I accepted the offer. I worked for seven years in this role and I was responsible for PC software products. After that I worked as a Quality Manager for five years before my current position as Manager, Calibration and Repair Services. Currently I am responsible for calibration and repair services in Finland, but also in the United States (processes).

In addition to my own department, I work closely with our laboratory in the United States. We have a lot of common projects, but I also work closely with customers and representatives around the world. I support and discuss with them about different issues and possibilities. Mostly I work with customers, subsidiaries, and representatives from all over the world. On daily basis I also work closely with sales, R&D and marketing department. I have also been representing Beamex in recruitment fairs and it has been extremely rewarding to discuss with future talent and answer their smart questions.

I have enjoyed my time at Beamex, otherwise I would obviously have not stayed here so long – next year is my 25th year at Beamex! From the beginning I felt being a part of the Beamex family and I felt very welcomed. I especially like the several and versatile employee benefits at Beamex. There is a good working atmosphere among employees and the firm has grown much during these years. One of the main reasons I value Beamex as an employer is the support I have received to study. I have been able to study partially during working hours and finished degrees at employer’s expense. Therefore, I feel that my career development has been supported during my whole journey at Beamex.

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